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Dear colleagues,

We would like to invite you to the Open Problems in Universal Algebra
workshop which will happen at Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN, USA from 28th
May to 1st June 2015. You can find the webpage of the workshop at


There will be invited talks by L. Barto, M. Kozik, M. Valeriote, R. Willard,
and D. Zhuk, and a limited number of contributed talks, but this meeting is
mainly focused on stating and solving open problems, so you can expect to
spend most of your time in formal and informal problem solving sessions.

There is no conference fee, but we would like to ask you to register for the
conference by April 1st, so that we know how many people are coming and can
prepare accordingly. For registration, contact Matt Moore at

We have a limited amount of money available to partially support graduate
students. In order to be considered for this support, please register and
indicate that you would like to take advantage of the funds before April 1st

Best wishes,

Alex, Matt and Ralph


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