GAP –> UACalc

The GAP program gap2uacalc.g can be used to convert a group or G-set into a general (universal) algebra and store it in a .ua file suitable for loading into the UACalc.

The two functions are called group2uacalc and gset2uacalc. For example, to turn the group S3 into a UACalc algebra file, you would execute the following in GAP:

gap> Read("gap2uacalc.g");
gap> G:=SymmetricGroup(3);
gap> group2uacalc([G, "S3"]); # you can leave off the name "S3" if you want

To turn the right regular S3-set — i.e., the algebra: S3 acting on itself by right multiplication — into a UACalc file, continuing with G from above,

gap> act:=Action(G,G,OnRight);
gap> gset2uacalc([act, "S3action"]);

(Note: if you leave off the name “S3action”, the program automatically names the algebra S3, in this case, which would overwrite the algebra file you created above for the group S3. We will fix this soon so that it doesn’t overwrite existing files.)

More examples are given in the comments of the file gap2uacalc.g.

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