2013 WCUA: List of Participants

The list below names most of the people who attended the 2013 Workshop on Computational Universal Algebra. If you attended but don’t see your name on the list, or if you would like your name removed from the list, please let us know by posting a comment below or sending an email to one of the organizers, William DeMeo or Ralph Freese.

  • Kirby Baker, baker at math.ucla.edu
  • Cliff Bergman, cbergman at iastate.edu
  • Roger Bunn, RogerBunn at missouristate.edu
  • Eran Crockett, crockett at math.binghamton.edu
  • William DeMeo, williamdemeo at gmail
  • Ralph Freese, ralphfreese at gmail
  • Jonah Horowitz, jonah.horowitz at gmail
  • Alexander Hulpke, ahulpke at gmail
  • Peter Jipsen, jipsenp at gmail
  • Alexandr Kazda, alex.kazda at gmail
  • Keith Kearnes, kearnes at euclid.colorado.edu
  • Bill Lampe, bill at math.hawaii.edu
  • Peter Mayr, peter.mayr at jku.at
  • George McNulty, mcnulty at math.sc.edu
  • Matthew Moore, matthew.d.moore at gmail
  • Robert Morse, rfmorse at gmail
  • Yuri Movsisyan, yurimovsisyan at yahoo
  • Steven Seif, steven.seif at louisville.edu
  • Matthew Smedberg, matthewsmedberg at gmail
  • Agnes Szendrei, szendrei at euclid.colorado.edu
  • Matthew Valeriote, matt at math.mcmaster.ca
  • Ross Willard, rdwillar at uwaterloo.ca
  • Alex Wires, slawkenbergius at hotmail

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